Monday, June 22, 2015


People are inspired and motivated by different sources. What inspires one person, might not light a fire, or spark a flame in the their best friend or neighbor.  I guess thats what keeps the world interesting.
I've been inspired in a lot of different ways lately which keeps me:

- moving when I want to fall asleep in my shoes
- sane when I feel like losing it
- keeps me smiling when it might be ok to cry
- motivated when Im feeling lazy
- strong when I feel scared and wimpy

I recently filled in last minute as the cyclist on a relay for the Naperville Women's Sprint Triathlon for my good friend Debbie's team. After so many years of racing big races or even the elite wave at this very race, I confess I wasn't too inspired and felt almost funny doing this as a relay.  It poured at the race all morning, we stood around getting soaked with a rain delay and I wondered what was I doing. I've raced so much over the years why was I here doing this,  dragging my boyfriend Steve out early on a Sunday to this sprint race that I was just doing the bike in.  He, by the way was incredible….standing in the rain holding the umbrella for us, or letting us have it to stay dry, fixing my bike up fancy and race ready, pumping up tires and running around in the rain taking pictures. But once it was finally time to clip in, put my head down and go, it all came back. The love to compete, and go as fast as I could in the rain on that day with whatever random training I had done to that point. I wanted to catch as many girls as I could and try to not let anyone catch me.  I confess, I still like to compete and race. 

It ended up being fun, and inspiring enough to at least look for another triathlon to fit in amongst a bunch of run training. It was fun catching up with Debbie and there were 4 of my fast mom friends at the race from the book I helped co-author. Congrats to Jenny G and Elizabeth W who were 1st and 2nd overall.
Catching up during a rain delay..maybe a book sequel "the after years"
I even wore the aero helmet :(

I am signed up for the Portland Marathon. I've never really trained for an open marathon outside of my Ironmans. It didn't happen last year because I just wasn't ready mentally to take it on.  So Im inspired to stay strong healthy flexible and do the run stuff right I teach to others every day.  My little Geneva  H.S. runner is back in the SEP program at work getting strong, perfecting her form,  and doing all she can to get fast for her senior year. It has been so cool to see her develop over these past 3 years.
See you in Oct.
Watching the Blackhawks has been more than inspiring. I grew up with football. I love it football.  But, I confess I jumped on the bandwagon of being a Hawks fan in 2010 when they won the Stanley Cup. Now I love watching the games. I still don't completely understand it, but think it is so fun to watch.  Even my clinic was inspired by their wins and let us wear Hawks gear to work with jeans!!! I love jeans day at work.

Jeans Day and they were Stanley Cup Champs


Seeing big black clouds in the distance rolling in fast is inspiring to ride faster home. My power isn't working on my bike, the battery needs replaced in the quarq and I am lucky to remember where Jack needs to go each day so replacing batteries on a bike hasn't been priority.  A little thunderstorm is good to get you moving!

Time to ride fast!

We had fun night with friends touring the Lagunitas Brewery in Chicago.  Brewmasters must really be inspired in unique ways to come up with names for their different selections, their designs and menus. The craft beer industry must be so competitive amongst itself, a little like racing.
He kind of make me smile a lot

Brew Tour
Its fun seeing Jack get inspired. He continues to amaze me in how he is figuring out that hard work and practice pays off. He is doing water polo, wrestling and golf this summer.  He asks me to take him to the driving range so he can practice. 

Zoey is inspired to act like a princess and climb on patio furniture.

loving summer
Being a of TeamBetty2015 athlete this year has been inspiring. Its been fun being on a team with so many amazing women training and racing all over the world and accomplishing so many different goals in the midst of their busy and crazy life.