Friday, October 9, 2015

Portland Marathon…& Loving Oregon

I'm still walking a bit stiff, and my bags from Oregon aren't completely unpacked from my incredible trip home to Oregon to run the Portland Marathon.  I was on a 6:30 plane the next morning back here to make it in time for some 7th grade football and the world hasn't slowed down since.
Focused and Determined
With a completely jammed work schedule more football and a list a mile long I feel like I'm still running that marathon.  I'm tired and sore, and slowly recovering, but feeling excited and happy get moving again. Portland was the first big race I've committed to in nearly 2 years after my life went through some "reorganization". I have been racing and training and feeling fit and fast but haven't felt to need to live my life around a training schedule.  I still love to train race and push myself.  A new goal and something completely different  was motivating enough for me to commit and focus.  A marathon without swimming or biking a bunch first would be a fun challenge.
St. Johns bridge coolest part of the course
I felt so ready for this race. Jenny's workouts were perfect and I was nailing the long runs and feeling so fast going into the race.  I didn't want to put a lot of pressure on myself with a big time goal but that happened anyway. I just wanted to go have a good race and enjoy that I got to the start line free of injury, motivated and not burned out on running. 
My Dad still teaching me to dream big
As a competitive athlete its hard not to have something in mind to shoot for.  The course is hilly beautiful and I love being in Oregon. The weather was perfect for me for some marathoners maybe it got a bit warm into the 70s. I felt great and was hitting my paces and splits all along the way. My parents, brother and Steve made their way around the course to so many spots.
My brother in the far right, and Steve catching the pic
would appear from no where all over the course
I was surprised to see them all over the place.  I had the best support crew ever cheering me on.  After mile 20, I fell way off pace thanks to cramps/ charley horses in my calves causing me to have to do a fair amount  walk/running.  That will surely drop your average pace down.  I pushed through and finished still with a Boston Qualifying time, which wasn't my goal but feel accomplished that I was able to still get it even with falling apart at the end. It was such a fun race and I loved every moment of the training and most of the race. It definitely hurts at the end!  I'm already excited and looking forward to another one!
Finished, literally
As I mentioned I did have a time goal in mind and didn't get there even though I felt completely ready and prepared for it. I did feel sad for a little bit after the race because I don't like not achieving the goals I set out to. I think this is what most athletes who compete go through and is what keeps us going back for more. I didn't pout for long. I reminded myself that I am 40- something years old, manage a big house by myself, work 40+ hours a week, take care of an amazing 7th grader who loves to be in sports. ( who by the way is killing it so far in 7th grade with 89% as his lowest grade at midterm). These are my priorities now and to be able to still go out and race and compete on top of this is an added bonus. Plus who can pout when you are playing and having fun in Oregon.  
He makes me smile a lot!
Its almost been a week and the soreness goes away a little more each day. The only run I've done post marathon is a Virtual UPR with my very fun BettyDesigns team. This group of girls has been so inspiring motivating supportive and fun all year. We ran virtual 1 mile UPR in our team suits in honor of our teammates running and racing over in Kona. Sometimes being a grown up is not fun, being can be boring, thats why I refuse to grow up completely. Why not run a mile in my swimsuit one dark early morning with my other teammates across the country. 

Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Fearless, Smile, Live Life, Don't Ever give up!