Sunday, May 31, 2015

Runner's High

Even though I have raced triathlon for over too many years to admit, running is my love. Its what helped get me in shape during off season volleyball back in college days in Oregon,
brought me to the sport of triathlon and has been my strength…. and ….my weakness in too many triathlons too count.
Yep Im going to catch that guy

Today running is my sanity.   I love to bike, and I love to bike hard. I love cyclocross and getting muddy on dirty trails.  I love biking with boys faster than me.  Swimming ok and logistically challenging and I am proud to say I haven't jumped into the water for over a year now. 

But running is always there. It's so easy to put on your shoes and head out the door. It's the easiest when you have to travel or are short on time.  It's the easiest to go race. A bib number and your running shoes is all you need.  As a single mom, working full time and managing a house and a 12  year old who loves to be in sports,  running has been helping me keep my head on straight and help me start the day off fabulous, even when I only have a 30 min window.
Game face, even for a 5k

On my runs I can:

- plan the day
-solve all the problems at work
-re-arrange my house
-pick out paint colors for household upgrades
-landscape my backyard
-figure out dinner
-problem solve and coordinate a 12 year olds summer schedule while I'm at work
-daydream about being on beach somewhere hot and sunny
-zone out and listen to naughty music
-push myself when I want to stop
my yard is looking so Fab

Sometimes a short run feels long, and sometimes a long run feels like it just started and thats a runners high. Today it was cold windy, and grey. I didn't have a specific workout, major goal or any planned effort. But I just went and ran. I wanted to stop and go home because ……why.  But after a certain point I just ran for the love of it and kept going and ended up being my longest run since the 1/2 marathon in Feb.
its always worth it in the end
I did enjoy an amazing Memorial day weekend in Colorado.  I packed my running shoes, but didn't really run because I was having too much fun. I did find myself on the top of some mountains short of breath and smiling. 
I heart Colorado trips
Smiling in Colorado

Oh and this one is 12 now, good thing he is an amazing kid. 
Jack at age 5

Lots of more running miles to come this summer and fall.  

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