Thursday, September 17, 2015

Race Face

As the season starts to wind down there seems to be plenty of big racing going on especially locally.  Fox Valley Marathon is this weekend. Cross Vegas just happened, Chicago marathon around the corner. I just spent the weekend in Madison spectating and having fun cheering for friends and athletes. I haven't watched or payed much attention to any triathlons for nearly 2 years.  I forgot the faces of pain, fun, or completely clueless, or even fear even at just mile 48 of the bike in an Ironman.   And no, being away from it for a period of time and watching doesn't make me want to sign up for another one again. I did plenty of long distance triathlons to last a lifetime. 
Spreading some BettyStyle in Madison
Having fun on the hill
My big race for the season is an open marathon,  just about 2 weeks away. I didn't do many big races this season, but even the small local 5ks, local half marathons fired me up enough to tighten my pony tail and put on my race face. A race is a race. You might be going for a certain time, place, to not get chicked, or to beat your friend.  To be honest some of the small races Ive done this year have provided the best return in terms of fun and prizes.  I have won cool pottery, beer glasses,  cold hard cash, and gift certificates to running stores this year doing local 5ks and 1/2 marathons. 
can't get more local than Elburn days 5k
I recently  ran our local Batavia half marathon and shocked myself by running close to a minute off my PR for any half marathon at my 40 something year old self for second in the age group because the first old lady was a top 3 overall. 
Race Face

Even some of my workouts have worthy of a race face. Jenny has written workouts I didn't think were possible, but a few times during this marathon training I've treated these workouts like a race.  Sometimes it calls for fishtail braids, Badass Betty pink sport top and a race face. The Betty sport bra is so perfect to run in. No chaffing perfect fit and no jiggling to get in way of moving fast.  And with all the right ingredients I've been able to do what I didn't think I could. Its been challenging but so fun and with the long stuff behind me I'm not burned out and dreading putting on my running shoes. I just hope race day goes the same way. 
Braids and Betty to go fast
Some days I even put on a race face with a side braid to go to work. The schedule and often  the people can be so demanding and requires so much energy.  Some days I need to try to speak Spanish, keep up with a high volume of patients all with a smile, and play politics. Usually I'm tired after getting up early, and now in the dark, to workout. But I win, when I get to see the athlete run again, return to the field, or the total knee replacement guy go back to golf. I even got flowers last week from a patient.  

Jack plays 7th grade football now and get to see his game face at least 1x a week. He has grown to love competing and I have watched him as captain fire up his team, and fight to the end with wins and losses. He won't let me slack on pre game meals. Truth. I have to step up my game and make lemmon chicken for his best pre game meal. Maybe he's watched me get ready to race a few times.

Post game face
Cross season is here. There is nothing like a cross race to bring out the best race faces. I love cross, have always wanted to do Cross Vegas and got so fired up seeing some of the pictures. My first cross race most likely will be Trek with shaky post marathon legs. Race Face required. 
TREK 2014 
Zoey even has race face when she gets to run the trails with me. Focused, driven, fast Zoey always wins. 
Zoey ready to race

Good luck to everyone racing soon, I hope  your training prep and recovery has gone well, but don't forget to pack  your race face. 

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