Monday, March 14, 2016

Thoughts on 4 and 8 and still chasing dreams

I recently celebrated another year of birth. Number 48 actually.   And yes, I celebrated it…. because even though I keep getting older and seem to be getting closer to  a new age group, I still am able to run, ride and swim (if I still felt the need), train, go to work, set goals and chase them down. 
Dance party and acting my age!
Colorado came to help celebrate!

My goals might be different now than they used be and aren't  #1, or  the top of my very long list of things to do.  But its fun to still have them. They keep me sane, happy, and feeling much younger than my actual age. 

I raced the Get Lucky 14k to start off my 2016 season. Signing up in a hurry while multi tasking lead me to sign up for the wrong distance, I wasn't really sure how far that was going to be at the race start and just ran. Warm enough and fun to shed a few layers and run and see where that winter training has left me

These arm warmers are incredible!

Happy to be racing ! 

Here are some random thoughts on being 48

 ** I don't feel 48, and mostly don't act it and certainly don't like dressing like it.

**Nothing phases me anymore; no workout, training day or race that is beyond epic, or completely blows is nothing compared to what life can throw your way.

**Its harder to recover; I can still do the hard efforts but it takes me longer to get over them.

**I'm afraid to stop moving, running,  riding or I'll wind up like one of my own patients

**Masters athletes can still be fast, there are plenty out there ripping it.

**In cyclocross I race against children, some not even legally old enough to drink the beer hand ups. But I wouldn't have it any other way.  Which leads me to,

**I love it when I still get carded

**Experience, goes a long way.

**I still get scared, but not as much at 28, or 38.

** I've worn plaid polyester bell bottoms in the 70s, double polos and rolled up jeans in the 80s, big permed hair with a banana clip in the 90s, and am living through much of it again (gasp)

4 ----- fun goals for this year
1.  Run a half marathon faster than I did last year
2.  Ride the George Hincapie Grand Fondo with my BettyDesigns Team in Oct
3.  Actually make the trip  to CX nationals
4.  Accept each day with what it brings

8 ----- things I am thankful for
1. my amazing 12 year old who set his alarm to get up early to fix me breakfast on my birthday
2. being able to to still run, ride, play and chase dreams
3. my friends and family who help me more than they know
4. while it can be stressful,  and not flexible... my job
5. that this winter  which was mild and calm
6. the strength I've gained over 48 years
7. opportunities; to help others, grow stronger, start a new chapter
8. perspective; its different at 48 and a single mom, sometimes scary, but empowering at same time

While I didn't make it to California to be part of this team pic! I have my #bettysquad to keep me honest on all of the above!  

Some of my amazing teammates #bettysquad

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