Thursday, January 5, 2017

2016….in the rear`view mirror

See Ya 2016. You were a good year,  for the most part.

I'm not complaining, but I'm ready for a new improved, shinier, more epic and badass year.    With you 2016,  I challenged myself to try new things, at the same time challenging myself to stop doing the usual and comfortable routine. With that came some new adventures, new fun, new friends, new memories and new goals. Sometimes letting go of the same old routine and dreams, stepping out of the norm leaves room even more.

My favorite accomplishments of 2016 that were new and epic:

Barry Roubaix: my first gravel road race. I jumped in clueless and unprepared but LOVED this and can't wait for more fun in the dirt. This may have been my favorite race of the entire year.
Pro Men stirring it up
Podium / Founders yum

Big 10k:   just a 10k but, definitely the best post race party!  Who can beat a post race party tailgate style! And my graduate school,  Northwestern Wildcats went on to win the Pinstripe bowl this year!
dance party

Jingle cross in Sept!  the most epic mud EVER. Crazy course crazy mud, and so fun! This was such a fun weekend with my PSIMET team, racing, getting muddy and watching the pros from all over the world tear up the super challenging Jingle Cross course. CX racers love mud, I have grown to like it more over the years, but this was crazy, so hard but fun!

Aceeptance  into my first Boston marathon. I spent so many years triathloning and racing and training to qualify for Worlds I never focused on this. But Im in and officially Boston training! Lots of run miles to go, hopefully some more out along this river. Thanks for Jen Harrison my coach keeping me running, and loving it.

Hincapie Gran Fondo: While not a race, this was a team event that left any other training/ event weekend in the dust. Team fun, community service, awesome riding on a hilly course, travel to somewhere I'd never been, and added bonus a photo pic with George Hincapie.
Gran FUN!
Betty Style!

My favorite mom moments of 2016
(i'll just leave it with  top 2)

Watching Jack get 3rd at conference and his team 1st in wrestling. He had an amazing season with 10 wins and 8 pins
3rd at conference

Getting him a guitar for Christmas and hearing him pick up and play songs I recognize while I'm cooking
free concert at home!
But 2016,  you threw some crazy curves at me I wasn't expecting. Thinking you're taking me down one path and before it Im on another.  Luckily I 've gotten good a rolling with changes of course.

Finding out my Dad has cancer put a big darkest spot on you 2016. Little do you know,  he is super strong and fighting it hard. He is the one who taught me how to pick myself up when knocked down and climb higher, fight back and believe. He has amazing Doctors, family and friends. and has made great progress in his fight and I was so lucky to get to spend a good part of the holidays home in Oregon. Being part of this process only reminds me to love hard, laugh hard, let go,  and live life.

No regrets, no looking back, but 2017 is here and I'm also excited for even more new fun, races and adventures.  I have lucky to be spent most of the holidays home in Oregon where I love the mountains green and beauty of the Pacific Northwest. I was able to run, ski, hang out,  and and get ready for and amazing 2017. No specific New Years resolutions for me except to keep moving forward, upward and stronger as I have for the past 3 years. To keep challenging myself to new adventures, stress less, forget fear, and say no to negativity, conquer more, and become more badass version of 2016.

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