Sunday, March 22, 2015

March Madness….. This is Happening!

March has already been a month full of seriously fun madness, and not just the basketball tournament. I don't follow college basketball or have enough time to educate myself on the the teams to bet on because my brain is so full of trying to remember everything I can't remember to buy milk and sometimes drive past my own subdivision. At work we have a fun competition going, so I did make some picks in the bracket to have some teams to follow through the tournament  My choices were based on:

* if the school was out west/  Pac 12,
* an underdog
*I liked the mascot 
*I knew someone who went to the school. 

(not necessarily in that order)
So far I'm a little better than 50%

So many other fun and exciting things have been happening and keeping me so busy that I can't believe March is almost over.  Its gone fast but I'm not  the least bit sad to say good bye to the piles of snow, freezing sub zero temps and wind chill.  March started with the most amazing birthday weekend that kept me smiling laughing and having more fun than I can remember. 

Dreamy Birthday dinner

With my birthday also came daylight savings and some 60 and 70 degree days which were like presents. I have been able to get outside and ride a few times and run without being in so many layers that I feel like a fat blind ninja that can't breath. 
sunset from the bike

Spring is officially here and that must mean its officially time for my schedule at work to be maxed. My schedule is so full, and booked out for weeks which means people aren't taking care of themselves! Some days I come out of work late and my Forerunner looks so lonely waiting for me. At least its light out now. 

The injured runners and are trickling back in which is good because I love the challenge of getting an injured runner back to running again, and trust me its a challenge!
When they actually listen are patient and follow the plan something amazing happens…they get better and back on the road . With an entire spring summer and fall of races left in 2015, March is a little early to be injured limping and overused.  Be smart stretch get stronger or it will eventually catch up to you and then you'll be trying to find time for therapy appointments. 

I had to call myself out even as I have actually felt like a 40 something year old running and have been  a little more consistent with my own stretching. Thankfully I'm not hurt, but between long work days and ramping up some running I feel 40 something getting out of bed or trying to run fast.  Don't be a stranger to the foam roller and some stretching.

Here is an easy stretch that covers a lot for the lazy stretcher: 
(no excuses you an still look at your phone) Lay on floor with feet up on the wall and try to get your butt, back of knees and legs all touching the wall with feet flexed and pointing straight ahead.

Jack finished his club wrestling season 5th place at a really big Wisconsin Dells tournament! He worked so hard and finished the season with a big pin, and learned the lesson that consistent hard work, dedication and motivation will eventually pay off. I woke him for school the next Monday and found the trophy on the pillow next to him. Snif.

TeamBetty15 kits arrived, which means race season is really here!  Lets Race! 

I've building my training back up for another 1/2 marathon
and hopefully some speedy 5ks and 10ks along the way.

 I got some new running shoes from Geneva Running Outfitters and Eric actually got me to break away from my normal love love favorite running shoe the Nike Lunar Racer to try the new Asics lightweight trainer.  

Did you know you can now shop for Asics while shopping for Betty gear check it out! 

Good Luck to all in the MarchMadness tournament! Cheers to underdogs and crazy upsets!

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