Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Staycation

This spring I took some much needed time off from work to stay home and … some more work…. Yard work, house projects, and a little bit of training, but I did try to relax some too.  Typically I have no problem using up all my PTO to head off to somewhere fun.  I love to travel and escape the midwest back home to Oregon or other more mountainous and scenic places, but  this time a week at home to do things I don't have time to do in a normal week and just relax some was the best idea in a long time.   I added in some of may favorite fun things and my staycation ended up being so amazing. My boyfriend even joined me on my staycation!!! Lucky me,  he likes to ride bikes and sit by fire pits too. 

It was a challenge, but I tried not to work the entire time on the house or the yard. And, quite opposite of other staycations, i've given myself I didn't devote the entire time off around fitting as much swim bike and running in a day as possible to get ready for a big race somewhere. Actually its April, and ……..Im not even signed up for a race! Ive been training some and feel motivated, but haven't nailed down anything yet. 

I've been loving getting outside on the bike again,  hmmmm maybe a bike race or 2, 
but running is my favorite, hmmm maybe a marathon or some 1/2 's 
and doing my strength at the gym, hmmm its fun getting stronger again 

In the yard we moved plants that were too big, cut back trees that were too big, and made upgrades to the old by planting new fun things.   I actually love working in the yard,  probably just an excuse to be outside, because I have plenty to keep up with around the house, but a spiffy looking backyard and patio is going to be so fun this summer.  
Zoey was a huge help

I had coffee on the patio when it was gorgeous outside to start the day, 
and we built fire pits at night even when it was way too cold and windy which only made it more fun!
Fire pit, hello so fun!
There was rain and wind and a tornado, then sun and now this is happening now…….
Signs of Life
I slept in,  and actually waited for it to warm up to go ride,  and went to the gym when I was ready, not when I had to squeeze it in. (what????… who does that?)  
 Thank you P4P, for an awesome gym 5 min from home

I didn't spend much time at all on the bike indoors on the trainer through the winter, so the spring south wind that I love/and hate at the same time made for good rides. I love the south wind because it makes it warm and its relentless so it makes you strong, but I'll say naughty words to it at the same time especially with very few bike miles in me. 

Surviving the south wind wasn't so bad

At the end of the week I took Zoey for a sunny hike. It was muddy from the to big thunderstorms but sunny and warm but I loved it. 

I loved every second of my staycation and appreciate the little things even more. Going back to work and tackling the task of big work days,  managing the house,  and Jack while trying to train even just a little can be overwhelming at times, but after my amazing week off I am ready for it all again.

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