Monday, November 23, 2015


Warning: this post is so cliche, and full of thanks and greatfulness it might make you cringe. So if hearing about all the tragic and negative things going on in the world is more fun, the news is always there. But it is Thanksgiving week;  and YES……I'm feeling thankful for so much….Even  though after the most amazing fall, I'm digging myself out from the first snow of the season that didn't bring just flurries and a dusting to break us into winter gently,but a dump of 8 inches of heavy wet snow with a nice slap on the a#$ welcome to winter.  
shoveling round 2

Jack finished 7th grade football, made A team wrestling and A/B honor roll with all A's a B+, and B. He is driven, works hard, has a funny sense of humor, and blows me away when I come home and hear the drier going because he's done his own laundry without me asking.
amazing 7th grader

I'm thankful that through most of November I ran in shorts, without gloves or hat, and biked in a single layer with arm warmers only. This was top shelf fall weather. I made it a mission to seek as much outside time as possible.  Random Monday night fire pits with perfect  fall weather and my people made some fall  Mondays more fun.
Fire pit on gorgeous random Mondays
I'm thankful for my incredible and amazing friends that I have in all my different worlds. My friends have been there in good times and bad; to talk, to celebrate, to run/race, to vent, to support, and to have fun with, motivate me, and tell me it's ok.

Of course I'm thankful for my incredible family. They don't live close, and  I don't get to see them often, but miss them every day but still feel they are close to me. My nephew who is a sophomore played varsity football and just helped his team win 5a state championships in Boise.

I'm thankful for my house thats too big for me. Its challenged me this year, but I've learned about air conditioners, furnaces and doors. Its stressful and at times I've wanted to call a realtor, but at same time feels awesome to keep this place sailing on my own.  I think I'll try to one up myself and make my front porch better than last year.
when you can't have a fire pit outside
 1 year ago

I'm thankful for my job. Its also stressful, exhausting and I've been doing it for a long time. But I have amazing co-workers and after after all this time I still love seeing the total knee patient walk out without a limp and the injured runner back at the races. This fall  an incredible Geneva High School runner I've had the privilege of working with some in her off season, had an amazing performance at state cross country

I'm thankful for incredible trips to Colorado to play in the mountains with Steve. Sun, mountains, and this guy make me smile
hanging in Fort Collins
trail run in the sun

I am thankful to have been chosen to be part of TeamBetty2o16. I love being a part of such a positive supportive team of amazing women with such incredible backgrounds from around the world  I can't wait to see what 2016 brings.

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