Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016……its on!!

2015 was an incredible year full of so many fun adventures, racing, getting stronger, managing life as a single mom with a 12 y/o, work in a very busy PT clinic , and more. There were trips to Colorado to play in the mountains, racing in new fun places like Austin, Fort Collins and Portland, and many local run races where I ran faster than I could have imagined.  Seeing Jack play football, make honor roll and get 4th at conference wrestling as a 7th grader was as fun as any trip, or race. 

4th at Conference
Lots of amazing running in 2015

But 2015 is in the books. Ill check it off as a major success especially, considering the life detour from the year before.  
champagne toast and bonfire to welcome 2016

2016 is here now. New year, new goals, new adventures, new perspectives. No new year's resolutions for me, just facing the new year with mission to becoming stronger inside and out, and accepting each day as it is and what it brings and putting that mindset in all areas of my life:  my career , racing, training, parenting,  taking care of my house.  I may not nail it every day, but thats what the gym, running shoes and bikes are for. 
Ride Outside!

Fun with friends
I've been doing a lot of strength work this winter trying to make it to the gym more for tons of core, and  functional strength. I've also been doing the 100 push/up day challenge with TeamBetty.  100 push ups a day through January isn't something Id think up as a goal for myself, but its different, a new challenge and  maybe it will help my little chicken arms toughen up, plus its fun playing along with my BettyDesigns teammates.  I've done push ups off the bike, between interval sets, and between snow shoveling,  and between patients.   I love getting stronger.  Being and feeling strong on the outside, helps me feel strong on the inside to face challenges, face the day, toe the line at the start of a race, handle tough patients, and take it to the next level.
100 push ups
hanging around the gym/ Pound4Pound

so long 2015/ you were amazing

In 2016 I hope to:
run some fast races, maybe another marathon
play in the mountains more, and keep climbing higher
Get on the SUP board a few more times
jump into some cycling road races before CX season
do the Hincapie Grand Fondo with TeamBetty
Keep helping runners stay inure free, become more efficient and run faster
try new things
stand tall
say yes more, and say no more too
be fearless
push the edge of my comfort zone 
become stronger inside and out
live life
not hold back
be Badass/Beautiful (inside first, is what then shows up outside)

This showed up outside the Ortho Dept at work!
Dreyer/Advocate is huge sponsor of FVM

Take 2016 to a new level!  Cheers!

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