Friday, June 10, 2016


I've been part of some very fun projects lately that are essential components to great running and racing.   My friend and former fellow co-worker Kathy and I just finished a 3 week Running Essentials series. We taught new runners who are training for the Fox Valley Marathon/ 1/2 marathon some of the essentials for a great training program and race experience.   There are many elements to a great race,  and race season, but as physical therapists who like to analyze the body, and fix or prevent injury we focused on: 

Week 1 flexibility
Week 2 run specific strength
Week 3  efficient form. 

As their mileage increases through the summer preparing them for the race, they are now equipped with stretches, strength exercises and tips on proper run form to help them prepare for a successful race day. Good Luck girls! I'll see you out there!

Even when you do all the proper training, hard workouts,  stretching, strengthening and preparation for a big race sometimes things don't go as planned. Also part of a great race day performance is proper nutrition, rest and mental focus.   I recently raced at the Soilder Field 10 miler. I loved this race and was super stoked to race. I had some great training and physically was ready to race. But the day before the race, I found out my Dad has stage 3 squamous cell cancer. I hadn't slept well, or  ate well for several days waiting for the results, and certainly didn't have mental toughness needed to push the pace I wanted.  Its hard to run fast when your heart is heavy. I walked a bunch, cried a tiny bit , and my body still feels numb, but still finished with a smile and was thankful to still have the gift to run. 

For the past 3-4 years, I have had the privilege of working with an outstanding young athlete who has had great success in her running. I've gotten to play a small part in her development of running and watch her get stronger and faster over the course of her high school career.  She has all the essentials to being a great runner and has remained consistent with working on strength and form in her off seasons with our SEP program at my clinic. Recently she finished 4th at state in the 2 mile with a school record,  was invited to race at the Magnificant Miles track meet in Chicago where she ran her all time fastest mile at 4:51, and will be going on to run Cross Country at Syracuse University in the fall.  Mackenzie has worked on her flexibility, strength, form, she is coachable, dedicated , positive and its been fun to see her develop into a great runner. I wish her best of luck as she gets ready to head off to college.
good luck Mackenzie

Essential to any race is a great post race party. Last weekend my friends and teammates volunteered at the Girls On the Run 5k. This is such a great program getting young girls involved in running at their schools and finishes with a 5k race and celebration. Our job was to face paint their excited and smiling faces after they finished.
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Summer is really here, my favorite time of year. I maximize as much time as possible to be outside. Some of my new favorite summer essentials to make the most of this super fun time of year.

The new Momentum BettyDesigns+ Rudy Project shades! so fun in the sun!
Betty + Rudy

Hanging on the patio with friends in the evening solving the worlds problems

Beach adventures, a must!
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Coola sun care!

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  1. Mom & I are really proud of what you have overcome & accomplished the past couple years. Even faced with seemingly the impossible, you have blasted through everything to stay atop of everything. Looking forward to seeing you & Jack next month.