Saturday, August 13, 2016

Its in the air!!!

Its out there in the air floating around like Pokeman.  Its energy, excitement,  motivation, …change…..a new season. You can almost touch it!

Summer's ending….you can feel it even though its still hot humid and muggy, it's everywhere and it's not hiding> the end of summer.  I've been squeezing in shopping for school supplies, new school clothes and fitting in eye exams for 13 y/o who has entered world of wearing contacts.

 Football practices have started, along with hitting  workouts early before carpools …and I have to turn the lights on sooner in the evening. I've even seen the Halloween/ Spirit stores now have their signs up.   And ….cross is coming. Its been a fun summer of running with a few more races to go, but its in the air…..CX season!

Once football starts, and first day of school is just around the corner, my summer is basically done. I love summer,  and live to be outside and soaking up as much of the outdoors as I can, but there is something safe and exciting about a regular school schedule a new year and new season.   The highlight of my summer was my trip home to Oregon which is just about my favorite place ….EVAH!   This trip was extra amazing because my brothers were home with their kids. For part of the trip we had a great weekend visit near Bend celebrating my parents 50th anniversary. 50 years with same love through thick and thin is truly so cool.
Happy 50th

 My Dad is fighting stage 3B cancer. He is doing so incredible, fighting it and coming along just fine. My mom is there by his side driving him into Portland to all the appointments, and treatments making him eat, drink and telling him to stop rest.  While there I went to 1 chemo treatment and met his Dr. who was incredible. I was able to leave feeling much better about his fight and the whole treatment process.
Cancer Sucks

I ran a lot while home, actually the most I've ever run in a single stretch. 6 days in a row with so many amazing miles that added up to more than I've done in 1 week. True runners do this all the time, but I love to bike too, so don't normally run so many consecutive days. However, when in Oregon without my bikes … was perfect. I finished feeling strong motivated and ready for more, but also ready to have a date with my bike once I got back home.    My heart is truly in the mountains and outdoors, I LOVE it, and I soaked up as much of the outdoors as I could:   
seen on my run!

hanging by the river



making sure there are no snakes

Olympic Fever is also in the air! The spirit and energy of the Olympics is so contagious. Its hard not to get caught up and addicted to watching. I've gone to work a little tired with an Olympic hangover (just staying up too late/ getting up too early)  Seeing the hard work and dedication is just a little more than motivating!  While I am vey far from an Olympic athlete, Im still so motivated to get out and train hard, push myself and do best I am in whatever I may show up doing. These days running has been so fun and going well. Its been super muggy and hot that can leave you nearly throwing up at the end of a hard effort. Why not give it your all right? I just raced the BigTen10k in the city.

It was such a fun race with very fun post race celebration tailgate style. Who wouldn't want to dance with the mascots post race? 
Wobble with a WildCat, I'm a Northwestern Med School alum!
But the Buckeye was the best dancer!

I finished 2nd in my AG but not quite as fast as I had wanted either from slowing down too much running in the dark stuffiness of Lower Wacker, or just not enough speed, because I've been logging miles for an upcoming half marathon. Cross is coming though and I've been hitting the trails earlier than usual this season, experimenting on mtn bikes, crashing some and playing in the dirt.  


Speaking of Olympics, If you had to pick what event  you'd compete in what would it be?  The roads we take and bridges we cross make us who we are, all the good and bad turns are part of what we become.  I was a college volleyball player, turned triathlete for 20 + years who now loves to run and race CX.  Many miles of biking running (with some swimming ) over the years I still wouldn't pick to be an Olympic runner cyclist or triathlete.  I think my event of choice would be heptathlete, because they train to be the best in multiple events over several days.  Every day I go for gold in being the best  single mom, physical therapist, runner/ Cx racer, homeowner, daughter, sister, and friend. There are gold medal days, and often epic fails. Winning requires getting back up, wiping the dirt off and, lacing up your big girl shoes and trying again.

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